Come one, come all to hear the sweet sounds of Moosejaw Muldoon. The first five tracks are studio versions of the songs on the Local Honey EP.  The second speechless version is from the RBMC Compilation.  Share with your friends!

Local Honey, 2012

The trio’s first EP, featuring staples from their live show.  This CD was recorded at Ocean County VocTech by the Audio Media night class of 2010, mixed by Cara, and Mastered by Knack Mastering.  It was pressed by Discmakers, so the entire album, concept to conclusion is JERSEY FRESH!!

Local Honey CD Cover

  1. Speechless
  2. Good Girl
  3. Space
  4. Bella’s Lament
  5. Half a Heart
  6. Good Girl (Dirty Mix)

Download the lyric sheet and credits for this album in GLORIOUS COLOR!

Front of the Local Honey CD insert, in color

Back of Local Honey CD Insert



Front     |  Back      (PDF Files, in printing level resolution)



Red Bank Music Community Compilation CD, 2009

A promotional CD for the non-profit music education group based out of Red Bank, NJ. This album features songs from artists active in the RBMC between 2006-2008, and was compiled by the organization.  Mastered by Frankensound Studios, and pressed by Discmakers. Features early work by locals  Sonni Shine, Mike Pek, and others. Only a few left, so ask nicely if you’d like one :)

Red Bank Music Community Compilation CD

11. Speechless  - Mooosejaw Muldoon

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