About Cara “Moosejaw Muldoon”

Apparently, I’ve been writing songs since I was five.  Somewhere I have the lyrics to my first documented song, on Hello Kitty paper, with my brother’s guitar chords written in the spaces above.  I went public around 2004, in the self-proclaimed “live music capital of the world”. More than a little intimidating.  I’m back east, and I mostly gig around Asbury Park.  I’m in a band of  super-talented Jersey Girls that will NEVER be on reality TeeVee. We’d really like to meet you on the boards this summer, or grab a cuppa with you in our favorite coffee shops.

As for the band name, I’m really hesitant to explain. Let’s just say it firmly cements my formative sphere of influence as a latchkey kid in the 80′s.  As if you couldn’t tell that by our choices in cover songs :)

Super close up of Cara






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