Meet the Band!

Moosejaw Muldoon on AP boardwalk

Moosejaw Muldoon is a trio of skee-ballin’ Jersey girls with something to say. They’re pretty witty, and gay.  Cara  juxtaposes humor with biting social commentary in her down-to-earth folk songs.  Diane  adds masterful bluesy-rock lead guitar, and Shannon’s limbs of fury make her unique percussion arrangements just as fun to watch as to hear.

The girls play their original music around the Jersey Shore, and nearly anywhere else they’re invited. Their EP Local Honey is currently for sale!






3 thoughts on “Meet the Band!

  1. Cara,
    I love your website and especially this “about” page. Oh, yes–
    somewhere there was mention of “repairing your relationship with wonder.” What a great line! The whole reinvention thing is a great journey which I now realize I am also on… To find our true voices and share them with the world, for whatever it’s worth, right?
    I really like your style of writing, I hope you keep it up.
    ShaRA / Sharon

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