Dedicating Time

Busking Schedule7/7

Hi folks.  We’re up to day 27 on the busking challenge…it still feels a long way to 99. But the entire point of this was to try to put myself out in the public sphere often, and to treat music like a job.   I am settling into a routine, but it’s been tricky to announce a schedule more than a few days out, between other jobs, weather, and random factors.  If you want to come visit me while I’m playing, shoot me an email and we can work something specific out: see.moose AT gmail.

Raining on My Parade

Storm Clouds

Hey folks, it looks like it’s going to be a rainy, rainy week. In fact it’s raining right now, and I’m supposed to busk momentarily. When this happens, I will try to stick to the original schedule as closely as possible, but instead, Facebook live, or at least record a video to post to the interwebs. Then I’ll learn some new songs to play next time I’m out.  To me, this still counts as as putting my art out in public, and achieves the goal of the #99daysofbusking challenge.

Week of 6/5/17 so far:

  • Mon, 2pm Online
  • Tue: 8pm, online.*
  • Wed: 7pm online
  • Thurs: noonish?
  • Fri: 2pm *time change

After that I will be leaving for Austin, so I will be playing from a variety of locations for the next week or so.  See you soon!!

99 Days of Busking: Pride Weekend!

Pride Flag

photo credit: Ludovic Bertron

Hey folks… Today is day 6 of #99daysofbusking (I am counting the days I’m out there, not the total days of summer).  It’s ALSO Pride weekend, and it hasn’t felt quite this important to be standing up and speaking out in a long time.

Typically you’ll find me/us at the North End of the Asbury Boardwalk  near Sunset avenue Beach (on the N. side of Convention Hall).  This weekend’s busking schedule ~all times should be followed by an “ish”, and mindful of active rain, hail, lightning 🙂

Friday: Band @6

Saturday: Me @6

Sunday: Band? @ 1

Maybe we’ll see you there, you rainbow warriors!